What's Happening

Let’s celebrate excellence!
Nominate CCCMA members for our Annual Awards.

Deadline: December 16

Thurs, Nov 14
1o:30am – Noon (MST)
“Having Difficult Conversations”

CWLG November Coaching Call - https://t.co/5x7tql7LWB

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Join the Board! 
CCCMA is seeking candidates for Pres-Elect, At Large Representatives and CWLG Board Rep
Contact Trish Stiles if you would like to be on the Ballot.

CCCMA Book Club
Range - Why Generalists Triumph
in a Specialized World
by David Epstein


We’ll be reading books on leadership and management…so, it’s good to get spoilers!

Join us, even if you haven’t finished (or even started) the book.

Thursday, Nov 14, 4-6pm                                                     Friday, Nov 15, 9-10am
in person discussion                                                            conference call discussion
Chamber of Commerce, 166 2nd Street, Monument